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02 June, 2017

#VMWorld #2017 registration opened: are you going to #LasVegas or #Barcelona ?

Hello all,
the registration to attend the most comprehensive event of the year in Las Vegas or Barcelona is now opened!

As always you'll find the latest cutting edge technologies and you'll be able to speak about those with the experts from VMware and with vendors.
check out VMWorld site and reserve tour seat registering at this Register to VMworld 2017 in Las Vegas.

In October there will be also, as usual, the EMEA event in Barcelona and you can register to the EMEA event as for now

On the registration page you'll find a lot of resources to help you planning your event.

Anyway, this is my 10th VMWorld as blogger, as I started posting in 2006, when VMworld was known as VMware TSX, and we were in EuroDisney, with an attendance of 600 tech guys that trust the power of virtualization.

Last year in Barcelona, if my memory remember well, we were about 7000/8000 attendees!

Some advice, based on my experience:

  • Dress comfortably, if you will not have meeting with management
  • Expect to walk a lot: last year my average was 19000 steps per day
  • Hence, have a good breakfast
  • Try to network as much as possible with experts
  • Arriving at the Barcelona Airport, take a taxi and go straight to the registration desk before going to the hotel: in the past VMworld staff give each one a good amount of underground/public transports tickets and advise on the best route from the event place to your hotel (if it's your first time in Barcelona).
  • Plan carefully your agenda: start early if you do not want to wait in line for an interesting session
  • Attend the Hands on Lab (always interesting and of great help in understanding in depth a broad variety of VMWare products)
  • Read my posts from last year on the good guy attending a tech event.
  • Early birds rate is off as per Pricing Page but you can still spend less than registering onsite, and there are group discount,too
This is just an introduction to what is VMWorld: more to come in my next blog posts.