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19 October, 2016

Day 2: #General #Session at #VMworld 2016

Hi all,
19 October General Session starts with Mr. Sanjay Poonen, head of global Marketing VmWare,
enforcing the message sent yesterday by Pat Gelsinger that all will be digital:

Then it’s time on stage for CTO Ray O’Farell who spoke about SDDC: Horizon, vRealize (vSphere + NSX + VSAN), VMware integrated OpenStack, vSphere 6,5 integrated Containers

the challenges of digital transformation are:
  • more complex environment
  • new cybersecurity threats
  • supporting existing / new apps / services / frameworks

this can be done with vSphere 6.5
  • simplified experience
    • vCenter Server Appliance (built in HA < 5 mins RTO
    • simplified patching
    • new Rest APIs
    • simple migration from Windows to appliance
    • superior performances and scale HTML5 vSphere client (modern, responsive, easy to use)
  • built in security
    • secure access with audit quality logging
    • secure infrastructure with secure boot
    • secure data with VMs encryption
  • universal app platform

Then on stage Yanbing Li speaking about the importance of VSAN for SDDC. along with Integration, management with intelligent automation, workloads (business critical /containers)

New capabilities in VSAN 6.5 are:
  • direct connect 2-node deployment, iSCSI access for physical workloads
  • coming soon: data encryption 

Network virtualisation
  • Security with micro-segmentation , each application gets its own firewall
  • automation help streamline the deployment of networks, and network related services
  • application continuity (70% faster, based on customers experience)

Then the keynote focus on Photon Platform that resolves most of the problems delivering containers
  • controlling cost
  • controlling compliance
  • and much more