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18 October, 2016

Day 1: Tuesday keynote #vmworld

Hello all,
General session started with some data on attendance on this year event (13k) and thanks to gold and platinum sponsors, and the importance of inclusion.

Pat Gelsinger continues the keynote with the explanation that there is no traditional business VS digital business. All should be digital business today.

Then he give a brief history of the growth of the cloud computing vs traditional IT and forecasts for coming years
Then it' s the time of devices proliferation connected and IoT devices. The estimation is 18 Billion by the 2021. So cloud will be a force that expand investment in IT.

The session continues with the introduction of the enormous impact vSphere 6.5, also for the environment, management, compute, network (NSX) and storage.
In the near future all business units of a firm will "be" IT

To leverage the SDDC we have to move to hybrid cloud (vRealize) with VMWare  cross-cloud architecture: Vmware cloud foundation

VMware partner with AWS and Mr. Mike Clayville hops on stage to explain the integration between the two firms: avoid CAPEX for customers are the big use case. Bursty workloads is another great use case for this hybrid architecture.

A great feature of VMware+AWS is the dynamic DRS, that scale out the VMware cluster seamlessly, if unbalanced.