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13 October, 2015

#VMworld #keynote with Carl Eschenbach

Hi all,
this morning, on stage for the first keynote session, we had Mr. Carl Eschenbach.

After a brief introduction on the number of attendees for this edition of VMworld, 10k attendees from 96 countries,
Carl Eschenbach have spoken about the three challenges for today IT professional:

First of all Cloud silos

Then, application silos

And finally, device proliferation

Every days IT guys have to cope with traditional applications and cloud native applications, trying to make users happy and all the core business run.

The strategic solution proposed by VMware is to have one managed unified hybrid cloud

This will leverage the possibility of executing traditional and cloud-native applications in an unique managed environment (ANY APPLICATION).

And on any devices, starting from workstations/laptops and going throught all the flavours of tablets and smartphones (ANY DEVICE).

In this below last picture you can see VMware idea of "Architecture for IT"

Another great news is that, also VMware, is moving forward with CONTAINERS: there will be the possibility of extending the existing vSphere infrastructure, or to deploy an ad-hoc infrastucture, VMware Photon Infrastructure, that will leverage the power of container technology, as we are seeing with Docker and we will see with RedHat containers and RedHat RHEL Atomic host flavour.