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13 October, 2014

#VMworld Barcelona Day 2 (part 1): breakout session

Hi all,
This morning Carl Escenbach on stage, and about 9000 attendants at VMworld 2014.
He speaks, as done by Pat Gelsinger, about the "Liquid World".

The Brave new IT must be Fluid, Instant, Secure and have Choice (aka FISC, acronym invented by me on the fly) to move towards the Hybrid Cloud.

Integrated with vRealize Air and a bunch of partners working woth VMware

Texcnology enables change but People drive change

The customer invited on stage for their case study explanation is from SAP.

Then we have Vodafone that use SDDC for selfservice, flexibility, simplicity internally and that have deployed a private cloud for their enterprise customers.

As told yesterday by Pat Gelsinger, the future is Hybrid Cloud.

Raghu Raghuram, VMware, on stage speaking about SDDC
Images are better that thousands words

Ben Fathi on stage speaking about EVO:RAIL: SDDC deployed in 15 minutes (see yesterday post for more information on EVO:RAIL)

EVO:RACK is in tech preview

VMware is the best way to run OpenStack


Here the tradeoff is traditional applications vs Cloud Based Applications


The entire ecosystem of developers are working together to automate the development of the code with vRealize Code Stream.

vRealize Suite

Policy-based cloud management

Microsegmentation with NSX

So, NSX deploying Networking and Security

Plus we can secure the internal perimeter of the datacenter using microsegmentation with NSX and third party AntiVirus appliances.

vRealize Command Center
With Command center you can go in depth to check for Healt, risk and efficiency of your SDDC.

... And in depth...

... And in depth (logical and physical)