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13 October, 2014

#VMworld Barcelona Day 1 (part 2): #SDDC2095 introducing VMware EVO:RAIL

Hello all,
This session is about the new EVO:RAIL products.
Instructor is Bryan Evans.
He starts by speaking about the EVO product in general that have to come.

Some challenges in making SDDC happen

There are three approaces:

Hyper converged infrastructure is the "easy way".

Single SKU
Simple deploiment and LCM
Single vendor, hence single support call
Large ecosystem of partners

It is contained into a 2U/4N 
And contains
Preinstallled vSphere, vCenter, vSAN, Log Insight, EVO:RAIL engine

Automated scale up out up to 4 HCIAs
Time to value to first VM in minutes
Non disruptive patching and upgrade