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13 October, 2014

#VMworld Barcelona Day 1 (part 1): #Breakout #session

Breakout session Starts with Mr. Carli speaking about
New strategies that are are all about innovations

Then he introduces on stage Pat Gelsinger , VMware CEO, who speaks about a transformation in the World we live in: it is a Liquid World in all its components education, works, retails, governments, transportation, economics, health.
 Examples are 
Cancer Research UK
Lufthansa systems
Ministry of Education in Malaysia

The braves will thrive, so be Brave (in the positive sense)


vSphere 6.0 beta with 4 vCPU FT feature 
VRealize Suite
vRealize Air 
vRealize operation 6.0
vRealize Code Stream that helps automating the LCM of software development
VMware EVO Is an hyperconverged solution and the first member of EVO is EVO:RAIL

Mr. Pat Gelsinger announces also Vmware integrated with OpenStack API (now in Beta): this allows great flexibility maintaining VMware features 

Then it's the time for NSX that is a Virtual Network in Software:
So we will have VMs (virtual machines) and VNs (virtual networks): these VNs can be routers, load balancers, firewalls, VPNs. The strongest user case of using NSX today is building an hard security perimeter expecially on the inside the datacenter with micro segmentation.

Then is time for EUC.

Horizon brings VMware to be leader in unified VDI and app publishing. Then we have DaaS and real time app delivery with rich user experience.

Horizon FLEX for enterprise mobility.

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