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12 October, 2014

#VMWorld #Barcelona 2014 Day -1 (part 2) I'm at the hotel

Hi all,
Landed in Barcelona and now at the hotel.

The forecasted weather was completely WRONG. Some cloud in the sky but warm and humid!

Firstly based on your type of power plug for your electric devices, it's better to bring an universal international adapter: if you don't have one of it, normally asking the hotel reception have some spare adapters to lend you.

Just some time to unpak the luggage an then I wiil go to Gran Fira to register myself for the event.
If you are already there tweet to @mfrizzi if you want to have dinner togeter or just have a vBeer.
For who is in Barcelona for the first time I attach the underground map for your convenience.
During my way to the hotel I've seen some streets works ongoing... I'm a little worried about the underground stop near me, as I choose the same hotel of last year because it was comfortable and easier from here to get to Gran Fira... will take you updated as I'm moving now to go and register for VMWorld.

When you arrive at the BCN airport anyway I usually take a taxi because of luggage weight and distance from the centre; I do the same at the return for the same reasons.

See you there