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12 October, 2014

Are you ready for #VMworld 2014 in #Barcelona?

Hi all,
Have you checked all that must be useful during your trip to Barcelona and attend the event?
Passport ready? Round trip airplane tickets and hotel booking stored in your handbag?
Comfortable shoes for walking the Gran Fira all the day passing from one session to another?
Have you scheduled your agenda?
Is your Half full baggage ready to be filled at your return with interesting technical material and gadgets?
If so, you are ready.

I have a look at the weather forecast and, although the temperature will be quite good, some rain is forecasted so pack waterproof jacket, or little umbrella if you like it.
The company I will fly with send me an SMS telling that for Ebola heightened awarness the check in the airports, both departure and arrivals, should take longer time than normal so, take it into count!