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16 October, 2013

#VMWorld Wednesday #General #Session with Carl #Eschenbach

Hello all,
A lot of attendees as always :)

Mr. Carl Eschenbach, VMware's President and COO, along with VMware's engineering leaders will showcase state-of-the-art technology that is transforming IT by virtualizing and automating compute, storage, networking and security across private and hybrid clouds.

Mr. Carl Eschenbach starts with a recap of yesterday's GS subjects

Innovation is the key along with agility in order to go to market faster: hence ITaaS

So it comes the SDDC

Through VMware vCloud Automation Center Portal you can request/deploy application on demand and scale out automatically comparing the different prices and SLA for different providers

With the same portal you can check the healt of your applications, transparent pricing and much more

You can draw the steps of application deployment and streamline the application provisioning that could be provisioned in minutes

This agility is in contrast with conventional networking approach

So we need to use the same approach with networking using NSX

Let's take a three tiers application as an example

Moving NSX into hypervisor directly

What about security? NSX could works also as a firewall and a load balancer, too, not just a switch or router.

Recapping NSX in a slide

Storage innovations

VSAN deployed in two clicks

can be extended in seconds if needed adding another host in the cluster and it is highly resilient

End User Computing self service.

With VMware Horizon, VDI goes mainstream

Policies based management

Monitoring and alerting cannot be done in the "legacy" way in a SDDC.

So vCenter Operation manager gives you what you need with simple to read red/amber/green badges and dynamic thresholds thanks to th intelligent analytics

Recapping automated operations

Hybrid Cloud

From vCenter Web Interface you can click on Hybrid service icon and deploy the application along with its infrastructure service in the cloud using the catalog from your private cloud

Recap on Hybrid Cloud