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15 October, 2013

#VMWorld Tuesday #General #Session with Pat #Gelsinger

Hello all,
I've just take my place in the blogger/press/analysts area in order to attend the Tuesday general session here at VMWorld.

Pat Gelsinger, VMware CEO, will discuss the next generation of IT and how the software-defined data center is extending the proven model of virtualization and automated management across storage, networking and security. VMware is helping businesses extend the software-defined data center to the hybrid cloud, and in this session we will hear from customers who have used virtualization to become champions of next-generation IT in their own organizations.

General session location is filled up!

First to speak is Mr. Maurizio Carli celebrating 15 years of VMWare and the continuous journey in transforming IT.

Then it's time on stage for Mr. Pat Gelsinger that describes the new streamline to have and use all of the data needed for work in mobility (Mobile-Cloud Era)

Sanjay Poonen comes on stage explaining all the VMWare EUC Portfolio with all new performance, management and the ability to bring reduced TCO and OPEX Predictability. A new partnership for DaaS has been announced: DeskStone

Another great subject of the general session is Software Defined Data Cente (SDDC): everything must be virtualized from servers to networks to storages and management must be automated.

So, Mr.Gelsinger tells us about what's new in vSphere 5.5

and what's the future of Software-Defined storage

Always taking care of the complexity of the applications involved.

Storage product announcement has been done today vSAN and vVOLs to be powered with the help of important technologic partners

Last announce, but not least, NSX, the Network Virtualization Platform.
Martin Casado comes on stage and explain how NSX works.

Basically you must think about NSX to networks as you thought, some time ago, about ESX to servers

Then is time to speak about hybrid cloud and cloud management