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11 September, 2013

VDP Configuration: Phase Two and Three

Hi all,
here we are to the phase two of Configuring VDP
First of all login to the Virtual Appliance Web Page and check that all the services are running and configuration parameters are fine (see video below)

Then connect to vCenter client and check that VDP plugin is present (note that this plugin do not need to be enabled). Now you are able to connect to vCenter Web access and start the real backup schedules configuration: your windows will be very different from what I've depicted in the video below as mine is a test lab deployment.


You must configure the Backup window, the Maintenance window and the Blackout window. Let's explain those name:

  • Backup window represents the hours in which VDP will backup your VMs: normally, no maintenance activities are performed during this lapse of time. The default setting for this windows is 12 hours starting at 8.00PM 
  • Blackout window: this portion of time is used by VDP to perform garbage collection (deletion of data / metadata that are no more needed, and so on...) 
  • Maintenance window represent the lapse of time in which VDP runs integrity check tasks: it verifies and maintains data integrity and on the deduplication store.
Now it's time to schedule the backup of your VMs: this task also is carried out with vCenter Web Access as you can see in the above video. You can configure the schedule in the common way taking the backup (Full or differential) of your VMs each day or spreading the backup during the windows, or do them weekly for low importance VMs.
You can also configure the retention period for each VMs or Group of VMs, so you can be in line with legal policies (SOX, Basilea, ...)

For a complete reference to vSphere Data Protection follow the link