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29 September, 2013

#RedHat Solutions Exchange and the "museum of old #computers"

Hi all,
I've just finished following the first three keynotes and visit the Solution Exchange in Red Hat Partners Conferences 2013 in Madrid.

The keynotes have been interesting and with some hilarious moments with a magician.
will post about them maybe tomorrow.
in the Solutions Exchange, there was a plenty of best know hardware, software and solutions providers, and some new vendors related to the Red Hat echosystem. I've to mention the funny games prepared for the 20th anniversary of Red Hat with an aquarium filled with cylinders with rings attached, to fish up to win some interesting prizes.
Inside the room there is a space filled with some very old "mothballed" but working "computers (are they computers?). I'm attaching some picture for your fun.

Punched cards reader

Calculator using punched cards

Hints welcome!

Hints welcome!

Hints welcome!

Hints very welcome!

Hints very very welcome!
Note the white coat for the operator!