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21 June, 2013

Stay Compliant and Up-to-Date with VMware Update Manager

Hello all,

visiting different kind of customers, I've seen, unfortunately, that lot of them still do not make use of VMware Update Manager in their virtual environment. 
This kind of approach seems very strange to me as, the feature is really easy to configure, and give you the ability to stay up  to date and compliant, reducing OPEX costs related to IT guys working interactively:
  • to put in maintenance mode the hosts present in the various clusters of your enterprise
  • move workloads
  • reboot hosts
  • exit maintenance mode
  • check for correct ends of upgrades tasks
the feature give you also the possibility to stay on the latest release with minimal effort.

I've produced the video in this post, executing the VUM features on my three ESXi 5.1 nodes cluster, without any issue.

If you're lucky enought to have a test cluster, try it out: it's worth a while!!! 

Just some words on my home cluster: it is not so powerful. It's built on a VMworkstation and contains:
  • one Domain Controller (512 GB RAM)
  • One vCenter 5.1 (5 GB RAM) with vCOps and VMware Update Manager installed on it, along with SQL express 2008
  • three ESXi 5.1 host each with 8 GB RAM and 2 socket / 2 core configuration (+ 10 vNICs for testing pourpose)
  • Datastore is 5 NFS on an IOMEGA StoreCenter IX2-200 (4 TB RAW disk space), 4 LUNs for VMs one for VMware Data Protection store.
so do not expect great performances: think what VUM can do in a real environment
The video show only the last host patched to make it less tedious to watch (2.50 Minutes)

Open in Full Screen mode for better experience!

Hope you'll like it and start using automation. Speaking of cloud computing is also this: AUTOMATION.

Don't be scared and test the feature!