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04 June, 2013

Contest on #vDestination Blog

vDestination Blog, by Greg Stuart, is proposing a contest to flight to VMWorld 2013 in US (about) for free!!

Greg is a pluricertified virtualization enthusiast.

Cite from the blog

What you will win
This year’s prize package is super exciting thanks to some awesome vendor sponsors! Thanks go to Veeam, Train Signal and Nutanix for helping me to put together an amazing prize package for the lucky winner, here’s what you’ll win:

  • A full VMworld 2013 Conference Pass thanks to Veeam Software
  • Roundtrip Airfare to SFO (up to $500) and an IT survival kit to include a Train Signal backpack and their new zombie t-shirt and pen, all courtesy of Train Signal
  • 5 nights hotel accommodations in San Francisco and an intimate sit down dinner for the winner +1 guest thanks to Nutanix (a new sponsor this year!)
  • Of course there are a ton of other intangibles that you will get from winning this contest such as networking with some of the best minds in virtualization, access to the legendary VMware Hall of Labs, a visit to one of the most amazing cities in the world and of course the vendor parties and awesome VMworld Party! From my personal experience as a 3 time VMworld alumni and from the experience of my past winners, this is the opportunity of a lifetime to gain unprecedented knowledge and experience from the industry’s leading virtualization software, VMware. That being said, stayed tuned to the contest page as in past years sponsors have come out of the woodwork to offer hardware, party invites and software packages adding to the winners prize package.

    Read the whole post here: http://vdestination.com/2013/06/03/vdestination-is-sending-you-to-vmworld-2013-for-free/

    Happy commenting and good luck!