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22 November, 2012

#XMas approaching: #DONATE [OFF TOPIC]

Hello all,
I've been so lucky to have a short 5 days vacations at the beginning of November in Boa Vista (Cabo Verde, Africa).

I have good time there but I've also met two people devoted do help population in Boa Vista with making teaching better, helping out who is in disease, distribute foods, and so on.

People in Boa Vista survive with an average salary of about € 200: everything from food to medicine must be imported and the fuel cost is very high (195 Capoverdian Escudos/ litre where 100 CVEscudos equals 1€).

If you do not have choosen yet your charity destination, if you are used to it, please donate to them.
You can use the donate button on the right left corner of this blog and donate with PayPal: I will send them all the donations received and I will publish the receipts on those pages.

If you don't trust me or PayPal: go to their facebook page Associazione Umanitaria IlNigno , select "about" and ask them for International SWIFT code or IBAN to donate directly.
We were about 8000 at VMWorld Europe 2012 and more at VMWorld USA 2012: imagine what we can do giving 2 euros each.

Thank you for your time. Live long and prosper"