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11 October, 2012

#VMworld day 3 part 1: starting with a Myth Busting Data Center security

'Morning all,
It was really difficult to wake up this morning after the yesterday's VMworld party...

Anyway I've just taken my seat at session INF-SEC2627 "Software Defined Security - Myth Busting Data Center Security with Real-life Implementations" with speakers Merritte Stidston, Justin DollyI and Dean Coza.

VMware are rethinking security, hence virtualizing it
There are a rich API that could be used by partners to develop their own security security products and integrate them into virtual infrastructure from VMware.

The session other then talking about VMware products give the scenario (anatomy) of a malware attacks and the solution to these: what you must do to respond to them? (In picture)

Then 7 lessons to protect virtual environment (in picture)

Separate the networks!

Off topic, but always on security in The Cloud, yesterday, I had a quick chat with Frederic Donnat, one of the founder and CTO
of SECLUDIT, a company that, cited from their site, has this vision on security and virtualization:

Cloud computing is moving quickly to widespread adoption, since the benefits associated with cloud technologies are creating real value across IT, mostly in terms of resources, cost optimization and architecture scalability. The challenge today is to maximize the benefits of cloud computing without compromising security and compliance.Founded by seasoned experts in network security, virtualization, and cryptography, SecludIT has developed a set of products and services specifically designed to help cloud infrastructure providers and business-critical cloud users to safely move towards cloud technologies adoption.A France fresh company to take into account. I'll try to arrange some more in depth chat with Frederic in the future.