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10 October, 2012

#VMworld Day 2 part 1: General Session with Steve Herrod

"Empowering the Workforce of Tomorrow, That’s Here Today": this is the title for the today general session.
Mr. Herrod steps on the stage doing a quick recap of what have been discussed in yesterday's General Session.

The GS starts and it's all about transforming desktop

- Transform: VDI with View 5.1 is the answer with "View Rapid Desktop Program" (available to some appliance partners as VCE, HP, Pivot,...).
Another way is the "Branch in a Box with Cisco ISGR2 with View on board

Mirage technology helps deploying and securing the desktop images pushed to every kind of devices carrying Central Management but with Local execution.

Mirage + View is the solution to transform legacy into service.

A very good presentation show Mirage migrating an old Windows XP to Windows 7 in seconds. The funny thing is that the presenter broken his

laptop and Mirage give access to everything from a Samsung tablet; then the user (presenter) change his mind and went to an Apple laptop. Mirage gives access to the data in seconds leveraging Fusion.

Second demo is about approaching problems in new ways and show how is possible to interact with a VDI desktop via voice recognition.

- Broker:

Horizon Suite, along with Octopus Project (aka Horizon Data) will be the broker to manage, secure, access and track devices, applications and data.

Third demo: Horizon managing personal smartphone (iPhone during the demo) leveraging the BYOD concept. The personal phone can be used to work and the data belonging to corporate data remains inside a sandbox that cannot be used when you're using your device with not corporate applications (I.e. you cannot copy and paste from work documents to your personal email)

Fourth demo:

The GS continues with Chad Sakac presentation on EMC.
A brief introduction on EMC VPLEX and then a description of vVols which will replace the concept of LUNs ( datastores )in the near future. With vVols you will be able to vMotion your VMs across countries in minutes.

Fifth demo from Cisco: the Routing Problem... IP = identification.

Sixth demo from NetAPP: on Data ONTAP technology to create Virtual SAN. Moreover has been shown the feasibility of a 66% avg data deduplication.

Seventh demo: HP Matrix Infrastructure orchestration

Last demo from Dell: Dell infrastructure management (vStart) integrated with VMware (plug in in vCenter). Dell vStart 1000 is optimized for usage with VMware View.
Moreover Dell Appsure integrate with VMware for restoring VMs.

Winner of the demo contest for Charity purposes is EMC: charity will go to Down Syndrome affected children.

Now, let's move to Virtualizing Oracle RAC session.