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09 October, 2012

#VMworld day 1 part 1: General Session with Pat Gelsinger and Steve Herrod

Hello all,

Day 1, opened to all attendees, sees the attendance of about 8000+, that's a lot (about +13x) compared to my first VMware TSX in Paris long time ago (2006) where we were about 600.
A quick view at the week agenda of the event after the fantastic drumming

introduction and then the general session started with CEO Pat Gelsinger stepping on the stage to explain the enablement of business transformation using VMware virtualization, cloud computing: in one word SDDC (Software Defined Data Center).
Very appreciated (clapping hands from the crowd) the removal from licensing of the "memory vTAX". Licensing is now only PER SOCKET (... But we know this from San Francisco VMworld...)
ABSTRACT, POOL, AUTOMATE: those are the key words for next stage of computing and VMware gives those with its comprehensive portfolio of products.
- vCloud Automation Center
- vFabric Application Director
- vCenter Operations Management Suite
- vCloud Director
- and many others...
Multi cloud world are coming: how to address it.
- Cloud Foundry (PaaS)
- Dynamic OPS ( automated services provisioning )
- Nicira ( SW defined networking and security )
After Mr. Gelsinger it's time for Steve Herrod to step the stage and, as CTO, explains more technically and with demos what is the vision of VMware for the near future

exploring all the layers of vCloud Suite.
- Monster VM is more monstrous...
- lot of business critical application / services are now virtualized ( SAP, Exchange, Sharepoint, Oracle applications )
- enhanced vMotion ( no shared storage !!!)
- virtual volumes ( vVols) no more LUNs
- virtual flash
- virtual SAN ( distributed storage technology )
- software defined networking and security.
- VXLAN Ecosystem
- vCloud Built-in APIs to interact directly with vCloud Suite
- lot of partnership among VMware and public clouds providers ( Dell, Colt, AT&T and some new joiners)
- VMware ITBM Suite CIO Dashboard!!
- Facebook like approach to figure out what's going on in our data centers: an idea to manage and keep under control, on your own intranet social network, the VMs that are running in the enterprise and the dependencies among other VMs (dependencies = friendship among VMs ).