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27 August, 2012

VMworld 2012: general session news

Hello all,
I've followed VMworld 2012 San Francisco general session with the VMware NOW Live stream.

CEO Pat Gelsinger starts speaking first:
the bigger news are:

  • Sphere 5.1 is released and No more vRAM entitlement for VMware licensing. The license will be calculate just per socket.
  • VMware re-affirms it's commitment to Open Source Cloud management
  • "Monster VM" now scales to 64 vCPUs and 1 million+ IOPS hence support very demanding applications (i.e.:Exchange, SAP; Oracle, Medical applications)

CTO Steve Harrod on stage speaks about VCD and

  • BigData and Project Serengeti,
  • Hadoop Clusters on demand
  • Enhanced vMotion
  • Storage directions (No more LUNS but vVols)
  • Ecosystem around VXLAN
  • Security Enhacements

Finally some words about DynamicOPS, acquired in August that will provide agilem self service and policy-based provisioning


Replay of #VMwareNOW keynote at #VMworld will be available on-demand Mon afternoon PST http://t.co/XytVKRsz