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17 May, 2012

VMware SRM5: clean up the recovery site after test

Hello all,
in my previous post I've tested SRM5 in the "Test mode" without disrupting production in protected site.

After the test one of the most important thing to do is "house keeping" at the Recovery Site.

While in the previous version of SRM, it was a quite manual task, SRM5 shows in the VI Client installed plugin, the "Clenup" button.

I've tested the quality of this feature in the below video and the result was very good.

Enjoy the video: and keep and eye on the part in which SRM5 automatically remove fenced vSwitch from host(s) networking configuration and when the replicated LUN "snapshot" get removed from host(s) storge configuration

I will test SRM5 with a "real disaster" brutally shutting down the Protected Site Storage Area Network (HP P4000 VSA) and I will document the results in the next post(s) cheers \mf