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14 May, 2012

Installing HP P4000 (Lefthand) and configure replication

Hello all,
Last Sunday I got the idea to test VMware SRM 5 on my home lab based on VMware Workstation 8.

Protected site:
First of all I've installed an ESXi host, prodesx, and a vCenter server, prodvc.

Recovery site: installed an ESXi host, dresx, and a second vCenter server, drvc

I've added one additional disk to each ESXi, sized 80 GBytes, and located on SSD disk of my powerful desktop. Those two disks will host the HP P4000 VSA virtual machines, one at the protected site and one at the recovery site

Then I've started installing HP P4000 virtual SAN Appliance to have an environment that let me store the virtual machines at the protected site and replicate them in to the recovery site.

Look at the video below to see how I've configured it to host VMs and to replicate at the recovery site.

After that I was ready to install SRM 5 on both vCenter Server

Stay tuned for next posts.