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03 March, 2012

Embotics v-Commander: Installing and configuring in 20 minutes

Hello all,
I've installed in my vSphere home lab Embotics V-Commender. the software is really simple to install and, citing the Embotics website:
Developed for IT managers and administrators in mid-sized enterprises who are building or managing private cloud infrastructure, Embotics V-Commander is a software solution that provides management, automation and self-service provisioning. Unlike other cloud management software on the market today, our product provides a comprehensive set of virtualization and private cloud management capabilities in a single, integrated software package that can be implemented within 1 hour, which results in unmatched time-to-value.
With V-Commander you can do lifecycle management, performance metering, chargeback reporting and a lot more.

If you have a lab environment, it's worth to do an installation and check out this product. cheers