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04 February, 2012

Finally a decent vSphere home lab

As I wrote in my previous post about New year resolution, I would like to build a good enought vSphere home lab.

Finally I get it.

First of all the list of hardware ingredients:
  • Motherboard: P8Z68-V Asus P8Z68-V Z68 i7/i5/i3 SLI/CrossFire DDR3
  • CPU: Intel Core i7 2600 3.40GHz Cache 8MB Sandy Bridge LGA1155 BOX
  • Storage: Solid State Disk Intel SSDSC2MH120A2K5 510 SSD SataIII MLC 120GB 2.5" 400/210 Mb/s
  • Memory: Kingston Kit 2 x 4GB DDR3-1333 PC3-10666 Unbuffered for a total of 16 GB
other storage:
  • WDC WD15EADS 1.5TB to be used as iSCSI (read the future posts) with OpenFiler
  • WDC WD3000GLFS to store non I/O intensive virtual machine (read future posts) of the lab

I've followed "Building the Ultimate vSphere Lab" by Sammy Bogaert

I'm happy with my home lab 'till now, as I'm running it on VMWare Workstation 8 hosted on Windows 7 x64 and as you can see from the above and below screenshots, I've got a lot of spare resources to be used also if I'm running 7 at the same time:
  • Domain Controller
  • SQL 2005
  • OpenFiler iSCSI Storage
  • vCenter 5
  • 2 x vSphere 5
  • Smoothwall

Stay tuned for next posts for vSphere 5 cluster configuration and OpenFiler iSCSI configuration.