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07 January, 2012

New Year Resolution: new home vSphere lab

Hello all,
the beginning of the year is time of changes. Reading the blog post on Boerlowie I come to the conclusion that's the moment for changing my home #vSphere lab environment.
I will probably go with the below configuration, but all hints are welcome:
Base system:
  • Asus P8Z68-V motherboard (anyone know if there is a dual socket affordable MB?)
  • Intel Core i7-2600 3,4 GHz
  • 4 x Kingston 4GB DDR3-1333 PC3-10666 Unbuffered OR Corsair Vengeance Low Profile DDR3 PC3-12800 Blue - Kit 16GB (4 x 4 GB)
  • OCZ Vertex 3 MAX IOPS Edition SATA III SSD 2.5 - 120 GB

if I found 4 x 8 GB kit for RAM I will go for that.

Then I've got some spare internal disks for keeping all the (ISOs, templates, and VMs that do not need maximum performances).

I'm trying to get an #Iomega #StorCenter IX2-200 NAS or a #Drobo but the prices are still high for an home lab: friends from #iomega #emc #drobo have you got some spare used NAS to sell me? Contact me @mfrizzi!

As stated above hints are very welcome!



1 comment:

Sean Duffy said...

Looks like this should provide for a good lab. For MBs with dual sockets - I haven't really looked into this much for a home lab, but I imagine that SuperMicro might have some options. If you do go down the 32GB RAM route, make sure the board you get supports this configuration - I found a lot of boards for home/desktop use often only support up to 16GB. The board I have used for my home lab (Gigabyte Socket AM3) is capped out at 16GB at the moment for my lab. I also enjoyed boerlowie's lab posts - and will also be re-doing mine soon to make use of workstation's linked-clones and my SSD storage! I am also hoping to get a hold of a StoreCenter IX2, so if you do find any good deals let me know! Currently, I don't have the funds to get one for my home lab :(