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19 October, 2011

Day 0 of VMWorld 2011 - Partners Day

Hello all,
day 0 of VMWorld 2011 - Oct 17th, 2011 - starts with Mr. Andy Hunt presentation of the agenda.

Mr. Hunt then presents to the attendees Mr. Carl Eschenbach: some more statistics have been given: 85% of VMware revenue is done via partners. Expectations for next six months is partners helping customers accelerating to "the Cloud" - and the Cloud is intended as the way IT delivers services to the business.
The speech continues with consideration about the transitioning to Cloud Computing explaining that Virtualization is a catalyst for Cloud Computing and unlocks the transition to The Cloud. More virtualization means less CAPEX and more automation (cloud computing) means less OPEX.

Cloud computing increases opportunity across IT (System integrator) expecially in private cloud perspective: each 1$ invested in VMware could lead potentially to 13$ in opportunities for the vendor/integrator. Thus introduces the "6 ways to monetize The Cloud".
- Deploy private clouds
- Deploy / manage public clouds
- Partner with SP's to resell cloud services
- Assist Hybrid cloud Migration
- Build and resell private cloud
. Migrate / transform / build applications on top of cloud

All in all: leverage starting position (virtualization), embrace the disruption. move outside the comfort zone.

Mr. Maurizio Carli show the priorities (at least in EMEA) for these last months of Y11:
- Continue to grow on Core
- Extend our reach (segmentation SMB / Enterprise, accelerate growth in enterprise management and desktop)
- Invest in the future (enablement programs, deepen relationship with SI/SO and services providers)

The session continues with Mr.Alastair Edwards, principal analyst at Canalys:
- IT Titans (Apple, Cisco, Dell, EMC, Google, HP, IBM, Intel, Lexmark, Microsoft, Oracle, SAP) continue to drive positive results, despite the actual economic momentum.
- IT channel predicts 2H11 growth (compared to the same perion of Y10)

To prepare our business we must:
- plan for double digit growth in 2012
- prepare a change in revenue mix, identifying the future investment path
- plan for change to software models (have a look at www.candefero.com)
- explore the challenges and the opportunities created by the Cloud computing

The session finish with Mr.Andy Hunt speaking about the Solution Enablement Toolkit Roadmap and the 72 hours rule