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11 October, 2010

VMWorld day 0 - Partner Track Super session


Hello all,
Here's some pictures I've taken with my mobile phone... sorry for the quality.
these are on Flickr and you can see them following the link below.

Flickr slideshow

some of the pictures are from the surroundings of the Bella Center, where VMWorld EMEA 2010 is taking place.

Most of the other are pictures taken during the Partner Track Super Session (SS1055).
The speakers of this session were:
Maurizio Carli who speaks about the importance of the partner in VMWare business model: the example he brought was that VMW grows +41% in the 1H10 Y/Y and about 90% of that grown was reached thanks to the Partners.

Mr. Carli introduces Mr. Paul Maritz, President and CEO of VMware: he states that IT is evolving and "The Cloud" is a way of running IT more efficently and with a better OPEX and the partners must take into count in their deals to help customers in approaching cloud computing.

After the CEO speech, we get Mr. Carl Eschenbach, executive VP, Global Field Operations, who tells us about the investments VMW is doing in its core products (vSphere 4.1, ThinApp, View 4.5 and vShield) and on partners, trying to get ever better in Partner Central and intoducing new certifications and accreditations: this kind of approach is due to the fact that the industry is changing and, as a result, the way of doing business is changing, too.

The session proceed with some basic information on IT as a service (ITaas) brought us by Mr. Andy Hunt, with considerations on Cost Efficiency and Quality of Service (QOS) in order to optimize the "business consumption" of IT services.

There is a lot of way for doing business with cloud computing so: