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25 October, 2010

VMTurbo Phase two: the Admin Tab

Hello all,
after installation and basic configuration of the Virtual Appliance IP, pointing via http to the correct IP address with a Adobe Flash enabled browser you will be presented the authentication page.

Insert the
default credentials

The main page will load and you'll see the various tabs that you can use:

Let's start with the Admin Tab:

Clicking on the Admin Tab you'll be conducted on the following page:

This is the left pane of the browser windows and let you choose a set of functions

Start with inserting the demo license that VMTurbo grant you clicking "License Configuration". this temporary license will let you access the "Observe" Tab of the virtual appliance.
Just under "License configuration" we can access "Target Configuration" function.

From here we can add the vCenter FQDN or IP address and the related credentials

In the "User Authentication Configuration" it's possible to create and manage the user access and roles to the VMTurbo VA.

As you can see the Appliance is Active Directory aware and can be configured leveraging existing or ad-hoc created Active Directory users and groups.

The last section of interest is the "Retention Configuration"

In this section you can configure how many statistical samples to retain per hour/month and how many logs to retain and the logrotate policy. Useful information is given at the end of the page on the estimated storage size for the undelying database.

Next post will be on the "Observe Tab"