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24 October, 2010

VMTurbo. Phase one: Installation and configuration

Hello all,
during VMWorld 2010 I attend a session about useful tools for administering VmWare virtualized environment.  Among other tools, the speakers were talking of VMTurbo.

From the VMTurbo Appliance user guide:
VMTurbo provides system administrators with the only integrated suite of analytical tools that automatically resolve problems and optimize virtual infrastructure performance. VMTurbo uses supply-chain economics to dynamically and proactively maintain load balance across your environment. This enables you to perform proactive, ROI-centric virtualization management.

I've downloaded it and installed the OVF file from VMTurbo Site. The installation and configuration are straightforward. After downloading you have to import the ovf file with the virtual appliance wizard

Deploy OVF Template

select the latest downloaded release and continue

Next buttons will bring you to the "Ready to complete" window that will recap your configuration

Click finish and wait for the appliance to get deployed on one of your hosts.
When the appliance has been deployed, defaul settings are 2 vCPUs and 4Gigs of RAM SuSE based, power it on and wait for the login prompt to set the static IP address for your VM.
Enter the ipsetup/ipsetup credentials and wait for following screen

Set the IP settings for your network and save the configuration. The screen will suggest you to start using the virtual applince connecting via HTTP to the IP address you've configured.

Next post will be about the configuration tha you can do within the web based interface.
Enjoy your installation