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14 October, 2010

Top ten tools for vSphere administrators

David Davies and Kendrick Coleman (both VCPs and active in VMware communities) told us what are the top 10 tools for vSphere administrators

1 vmware guest console labs.vmware.com
alsomlook for 

2 veeam fastscp and veeam monitor
see also
   veeam business view
   veeam reoporter fre edition

3 trilead vm explorer www.trilead.com (poor man's backup)

4 xtravirt vSphere client RDP Plugin and vAlarm

5 powercli, powerGui, vim powerpack and Alan Renouf vmware community powerpack

6 vkernel capacity view

7 vSphere mini monitor http://nikapedia.org

8 RVTools www.robware.com

9 vFoglight quickview 3 days of hystorical data. voptimizer wastefinder

10 xangati www.xangati.com
look for others on 
   vmware communities beta




Kendrick Coleman said...

thank you for coming to our session and I hope you enjoyed it. hope you had a great VMworld as well.


Piotr said...

The proper link to vSphere mini monitor is http://nickapedia.com