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13 October, 2010

BC8675 SRM Futures

In the session the two speakers told us about nowadays implementations of SRM and the future enhancements that we will probably take advantage of: automatized fail back and Host based replication.

SRM UI has been improved yet, and both site status and summary can be seen from a single pane

Vmware is working to improve ip customization, in case of different subnets on the recovery site: the future IP customization process will monitor changes in the local IP settings, will be faster and will support IPv6

Host Based Replication will be available maybe next year.
HBR will provide:
   per vm replication
   async RPO from 15 mins to 24 hrs
   will be vsphere based, so no array replication required
   ethrogeneous storage will be supported
   can coexists with array replication
   will be vmotion and HA aware
   will be efficient, only changed blocks are replicated and self tuning to mantain RPO