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13 October, 2010

BC7773 - SRM: Misconceptions and Misconfigurations

session speaker Mike Laverick (Mike Laverick Limited)

A brief recap of the session

keep in mind that snapshots on SRM are not suported (neither experimentally)

storage vMotion from a protected to a non replicated storage create an invalid entry and remove protection

svMotion from a protected group to another protected group creates an "already protected in X protection group" warning

vApps and Fault Tolerance
you can protect vApp but a VApp obj is not created in recovery site
if FT enabled you loose FT relationship on recovery site

in case you need to recreate use powerCLI

SRM and Firewalls
read release notes of 4.0.2 to get rid of firewall issues (firewall may close connection ungracefully). unfortunatly 4.1 gets the issue.

dvSwitches error
read kb1021491
resolved with in SRM 4.0.2 with vCenter 4.0.2 and later
VMs appears to loose inventory mapping

SCRIPTING in then recovery plan
useful for reducing memory entitlement to recovered VMs

Some ideas from Mike
better integration with vSphere
some house cleaning with Vi3.5 features - Storage vMotion
fater turnaround in releasing SRA
P2V for DR see KB1020796
VM Groups
export import copy recovery plan
datacenter move
SRM failover within the same building
Moving VMs to The Cloud
Per VM protection - not only license
tripple hop DR site - a--> b--> c

Further info on this subject can be found reading Mike's book on Administering and Configuring SRM 4.0: read more here .