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11 April, 2009

Easter 2009

Hello all! I want to wish you an Happy Easter 2009.
I want to do it in all (well maybe not all but a lot) languages:

Happy Easter (Inglese)
Buona Pasqua(Italiano)
Joyeuse Pasques (Francese)
Frohe Ostern (Tedesco)
Felices Pascuas (Spagnolo)
Fouai Hwo Gie Quai le (Cinese)
Eeid -Foss’h Mubarak (Arabo)
Sretun Uskrs (Croato)
Gezuar Pashken (Albanese)
Paste Fericit (Rumeno)
Vesele Velikonoce (Ceco)
Sreken Veligden (Macedone)
Souk San Van Easter (Laotiano)
Veselá velká noc ( Slovacca)
Boa Pascoa (Portoghese)
Kalo Paska(Greco)
Zalig Paasfeest (Olandese)
Schastilvoi Paschi (Russo)
Giad Pàsk (Svedese)
Srecan Uskrs (Serbo)
Vrolijke pasen (Neerlandese)
God pasque (Danese)
Bon fiesse-d’joyeuse pôque (Vallone)
Felician Paskon en Kristo Resurektinta ( Esperanto)
Shnorhavor surb zatik (Armeno)
A fraylekhn Pesah (Yiddish)
Gofúkkatsu Omédetoo ( Giapponese)
Ieasika Elihle (Zulù)



Maish said...

Now since I do not think that any people who speak Yiddish will celebrate Easter - since it is a Christian Holiday and people who speak Yiddish are usually Jewish - the greeting you noted for yiddish is actually for Passover (Pesach) which is the Jewish Holiday that is celebrated around this time.
A cause for celbration is always a good thing :)

Manlio Frizzi said...

Thank you for the explanation! ^_^