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27 January, 2008

Patches for ESX 3.5 and 3i

Hello all,
the patches for 3.5 and 3i have been released:

link for 3.5
link for 3i


23 January, 2008

Vmware release Stage Manager 1.0 beta

From Vmware site:

Manage and automate pre-production systems and operations with VMware Stage Manager. The first product of its kind, VMware Stage Manager enables IT organizations to visualize the service lifecycle and seamlessly transition services and applications—often consisting of complex, multi-tier systems—through the stages of the release process and into production.
VMware Stage Manager reduces the risk of system changes by enabling users to snapshot production systems, and roll them forward or backward through the lifecycle as needed, enabling organizations to respond to changing business conditions more quickly.
Building on VMware Infrastructure 3, VMware Stage Manager utilizes resource pools created in VMware VirtualCenter. Virtual machines associated with an IT service use designated resource pools as they transition through the lifecycle. At any time, environments can be captured and archived for auditing purposes

[Read all... and download]

05 January, 2008

New patches for ESX 3.0.2 (2 Jan 2008)

Hi all,
Vmware releases 11 (eleven) new patches for ESX. Those patches are for ESX 3.0.2 and 3.0.1 .
No patches for the brand new 3.5 release: maybe they are testing them :) .
If you want to get more information pls follow this link (3.0.2) or this link (3.0.1)


02 January, 2008

Happy New Year

Hello all!
Hope you have a Merry XMas and I want to wish you an Happy 2008!
Here's the "cluster map" of this site visitors.
Thank you all.