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26 February, 2008

Technical Track - VI3 Networking Best Practice

Today I've started attending Guy Brunsdon speech about best practice in configuring networking.

He started with basic on vSwitch telling that they behave as layer 2 physical switch (so no layer 3 routing).

He put strike on the importance of having network teaming to achieve:

  • better use of bandwidth

  • enhanced availability and performance

Another important feature to be used is VLAN tagging (that implies 802.1Q hardware), moreover in case of Virtual infrastructure deployed on blade system with lack of eth ports.

During the session, Guy explains how we can do nic teaming in ESX 3.x:

  • Originating port ID

  • Source MAC address

  • IP Hash (static etherchannel required)

the tips is to choose for semplicity the "Originating port ID", but this can change based on your environment.

The virtual traffic types were classified:

  • VMs Traffic

  • vMotion traffic (must be dedicated and isolated)

  • Management traffic (should be isolated, expecially if HA enabled)

  • iSCSI traffic

He shows us some design examples, mostly for explaining the VLAN tagging techniques with lack of physical NICs

Last, but no least, vSwitches do not make use of Spanning Tree, so ports on physical switches should be configured as porfast or trunkfast to progress to forward state quickly.