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27 February, 2008

Running SAP ERP on Vmware – a customer example

The session has been introduced by Christoph Reisbeck (Director of Global SAP Allince @ Vmware). The technical part of the session has been led by a director of AddOn (Germany) that was responsible of the project by the customer.
First of all Christoph depicted the SAP customer pain point:
· Upgrades are time consuming
· Expensive and complex business continuity
· High operational costs
· Addressing compliance
With SAP in place you could (must…) have a lot of systems in different environment:
· Production
· Development
· Quality and Assurance (formally Q&A)
· (Training)
· … plus surrounding supporting servers
With Vmware you can achieve:
· Automated resource assurance (dynamic balance)
· Increased availability
· On demand capacity
Since December 2007 SAP is fully supported on Vmware Virtual Infrastructure for production environments, both for Windows and Linux.
The use of Vmware for SAP systems led to:
· Faster SAP upgrades (no need to wait for new hardware, snapshots to roll back, no need for SAP consultants in the first part of the migration)
· Business continuity (cost effective HA for all environments: prod, test, dev, Q&A, training)
· Less operational costs: less hardware, less power consumption, easier migration and consolidation
· Compliance: easy manteinance and migration of legacy systems, faster deployments, easy documentation of servers and asset management with the adoption of Vmware Lifecycle Manager.
More information in Vmware SAP solution community for service partner site: http://www.vcc-sap.com/