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04 September, 2007

Partitioning Local storage on an ESX Host

Why using automatic partition when there are better partitioning schemes to use? In my opinion the wizard do not take care of how much the /var/log folder can grow (quickly). The following table is what I use for partitioning local storage on ESX (VI3) hosts. Normally we will have a pair of disks used for installing VMware operating system: I've assumed the four most common size and that the two disks are configured with an hardware mirror. The three partition in bold red ( / , /boot , )
must be configured as primary partition. Other must be logical partitions on an extended volume.

This is only my point of view and maybe you prefer having more VMFS and less /vmimages on local disks because you store ISO images on a networked location: for the newbyes this can be a starting point to design their preferred partitioning.