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24 May, 2007

Linux virtualizing: some gotchas

The Linux Cloning post is heavily commented :)
All the commenters have understanded the actual message of this blog: "share knowledge among the Vmware engineers".

In particular I thanks Mike Cretan for the following gotchas:

- On Redhat Enterprise Server 4 (RHEL4), /etc/modules.conf is called /etc/modprobe.conf

- Also, your approach only works if the BusLogic kernel module is installed already. This certainly wasn't the case with our RHEL4 system, so it might be worth nothing that the BusLogic module needs to be installed prior to migration.

- If it hasn't (as was my case), download the driver dd disk and rpm package from http://www.vmware.com/support/esx2/doc/esx2-rhel4u4-dd-rpm.html and use RPM to install it on the original system, then copy the BusLogic.ko file to the /lib/modules/2.x.y-zz/updates directory (create updates if necessary) and then follow your instructions.

- Final point: the RHEL4 rescue disk (install disk 1) does not include the BusLogic driver either, so when prompted for boot, use "linux dd rescue" to get the rescue mode to ask for a dd disk - then provide the one downloaded above.

I'm thinking to collect all the procedure and comments on a pdf file that I will take updated while new solutions come out.