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21 May, 2007

Getting the best performance from Workstation 6.0

From VMTN Blog namen VROOOM

It was a proud moment for us when Workstation 6.0 went out the door. While we continue to provide increasing flexibility in using desktop machines and laptops, running multiple operating systems, and reducing hardware costs, we'd like for you to enjoy the best performance you can get from Workstation 6.0.

On top of all the goodness Workstation 6.0 has to offer, we now have a revised performance document as well. You can find it here. We've tried our best to provide tips not only about things that you could tune with Workstation and its features, but things you could tweak on your host operating system and within the guest, and even what to look out for on the hardware level. The reorganization of the document makes it easy to find what you need to achieve the best possible experience.

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