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14 May, 2007

EMC Adds VMware Support to ControlCenter

Storage manager update supports virtual servers but isn't cluster-aware

From Computerworld.com

May 14, 2007 (Computerworld) -- EMC Corp. is set to end a two-year wait by its users for a new version of its flagship ControlCenter storage resource management (SRM) software.

> Version 6.0 of the software, to be introduced this week, includes support for EMC’s virtual server technology and more flexible reporting and customization capabilities, the company said.

Lori Motzko, a Windows systems manager at Louisville, Ky.-based SHPS Inc., said the lack of support for EMC’s VMware virtualization tool was a glaring problem with earlier versions of ControlCenter.

One of the major frustrations that administrators have with EMC is they own VMware and yet they don’t have agents compatible with ControlCenter right now,” said Motzko. “When you’re zoning disks — and VMware is a zone-disk hog — you have to do it all manually. Now they tell me they have a [VMware] agent. That’s a big deal.

> SHPS, a health management tools provider, currently runs ControlCenter 5.2 with Service Pack 5 and has 2TB allocated to its VMware ESX servers.

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