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15 April, 2007

VMware Server 1.0.2 on Ubuntu 6.10

Hi all,
I've installed VMware Server 1.0.2 on my Ubuntu Box (AMD 64). I've also installed the 30 days trial of Virtual Center Server on a VM just to try it out. The installation on a 64 bits Linux release was not very easy because of lib32 required, but nothing that cannot be solved with some search on the Internet.

The first image is the XP desktop inside the linux box: on this client machine I've installed the Virtual Center Server for VmWare Server. The look and feel is very similar to Virtual Center 1.4 client (the one used with ESX 2.5.x farms) as you can see from second image.
There are the Inventory, Scheduled Tasks, Templates and Events button, to work easy on your virtual environments. If you're not familiar with ESX and you use only VMware Server you'll find that this tool is very useful.

The third image is about I/O performance monitor. You can see also the little counters for CPU, Memory (fifth image, see below) and Network performances.

The interface shows alarms from all virtual machines that are running in your VmWare Server Environment and the events tab for each system show what happened in the past.

All the performance graphs are configurable for look and feel: moreover you can define the lenght of analisys on which you want to have informations (past day, past week, past month or past year). Virtual Center server could be configured to use an .mdb database or MSDE or MS SQL Server.

As a final consideration, if you are a SMB, and you are a VMWare Server user, you'll be very happy with this product. It makes all the tasks easier to commit.