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04 July, 2006

iSCSI Review

Vladamir Savyak article

With the release of the Fibre Channel and SAN based on it the storage world staked on a network access to storage devices. Almost everyone announced that the future belonged to the storage area networks. For several years the FC interface was the only standard for such networks but today many realize that it's not so. The SAN based on the FC has some disadvantages, which are the price and difficulties of access to remote devices. At present there are some initiatives which are being standardized; they are meant to solve or diminish the problems. The most interesting of them is iSCSI.[...]
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From SNIA.org site lot of pdf docs
Internet SCSI (iSCSI) is a simple, yet powerful idea that will change the way we think about computer storage and the way it relates to computer networks. The iSCSI protocol maps the SCSI remote procedure invocation model on top of the Internet's [...]
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From iSCSIStorage.com a page with whitepapers: take a look