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16 June, 2006

All about VMware Virtual Infrastructure 3

From VMware site:

VMware Raises the Bar with VMware Infrastructure 3

Next Generation of Industry-leading Infrastructure Virtualization Software Suite Enables Transformative Cost Savings and Breakthrough Levels of Efficiency, Flexibility and Serviceability to IT Environments of All Sizes

PALO ALTO, Calif., June 5, 2006 -- VMware, Inc., the global leader in virtual infrastructure software for industry-standard systems, today launched VMware Infrastructure 3, the third generation of the industry-leading infrastructure virtualization software suite that empowers enterprises and small businesses alike to optimize and manage their IT environments through virtualization.
The first generation of virtualization for industry-standard systems provided server partitioning through a hypervisor or hosted architecture.[...]

  • VMware Infrastructure 3 Enables Efficiency, Flexibility and Serviceability through Enterprise-scale Management and Service-level Automation
  • VMware Infrastructure 3 Enables Transformative Cost Savings through Server, Storage and Network Virtualization
  • VMware Infrastructure 3 Offers Broadest Hardware and Operating System Choice
  • VMware Infrastructure 3 Packaged and Priced for Adoption Across All Market Segments

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You can also read a brief overview of the ESX 3.0 Public Beta 2 by Steve Herrod on "Virtualize Now" Site.