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the registration to VMworld 2014 link : if you're not convinced, yet, have a look at my previous blog posts about VMWorld 2013 and back. If you need to convince your boss use the General VMWorld site link and have a look at the "Convince your Boss" section: a pre-written email is ready for you!

02 August, 2014

#VMWorld #2014 #Barcelona: what I would expect!

Hi all,
I am one of the lucky that went to VMWorld Europe, since the time when it was called TSX (2006) in EuroDisney, covering the events with blog posts, videos and pictures  about breakout sessions, agenda's sessions, Solution Exchange and Hands on Labs (see previous posts back in this blog).

I really enjoy the time spent @VMWorld as, beyond the event, there is a lot of customers and prospects engagement: you are there for work, not just to have a week off the office or to enjoy the city!
Barcelona is a very beautiful place to visit but you can do it after the event. There is a lot of spare time in the night (if you are not blogging...), and the vendors at the Solution Exchange are very keen to invite to exclusive night parties

So, go to the general VMworld site and have a look at what you can be interested! You have not to register to have a full look at the VMworld Content Catalog

Anyway, the list below is what I would expect from VMworld EU this year:
some deep dive on:

  • NSX (Network Virtualization
  • vCHS (Vmware Cloud Hybrid Service)
  • VMware Mirage / Horizon (EUC in general)

More seats at:

  • Hands on Labs
  • Panel Sessions

Now some advice for who have decided to register to VMWorld Barcelona: I take these from Cristopher Kusek (@cxi) blog, and he post speaking about SFO event, but most of the advices are the one that I would have given, based on my previous experiences; in red comments of mine to distinguish from SFO event.
Must Have Items to Pack and Consider:
  • Comfortable Shoes:   I cannot stress this enough (I feel like I’ve said it before, and I have, and I’ll say it again, Oh and again.) BRING COMFORTABLE SHOES!.  Whether you’re sticking ENTIRELY to the show floor or you walk outside anywhere (a lot of the events are OFF-Site at times) you’ll find yourself walking.   Not only walking streets, but hills and environments the likes of which Cable Cars were designed for! So bring your comfortable shoes; You can thank me later! The advice is valid for Barcelona, too (except for environments designed for Cable Cars): consider that, if you are really interested in VMworld event, and you are going to network with client/prospects, follow the Breakouts, Solution Exchange and Agenda's sessions and Panel sessions, you are going to walk, at least 7 Kilometers a day, such I do last year).
  • Bring Business Cards: I know who you are, I met you, you’re the guy who has a QR code! You’re all SCAN MY QR CODE TO GUARANTEE WE’LL NEVER TALK EVVVEEEEEEEERRRRRR!!!! It’s true, it’s serious. People don’t exchange QR codes and remember each other.  You don’t enter that random contest to win an iPad or a Nexus 7 by giving them your QR code in a bowl.   You exchange Business Cards. Deal with it. Oh and PACK SOME BUSINESS CARDS! All true, no additions.
  • Laptop:   If you don’t need your laptop because you’re not going to be working while at the show, leave it at home.   If you bring your laptop because you need to work (like me) and you want to accomplish anything of relevance, LEAVE IT IN YOUR ROOM.  The last thing you need to do is worry about where your laptop is, especially because once you bring it, you will NEVER take it out of it’s case when you hit the show floor, less than 3% of people do. (Exceptions: Blogger, Analyst and other folks who specifically are demoing and using the laptop at set intervals) Save yourself grief though and leave it in the Hotel room, or leave it at home. No additions on this, too.
I will consider reading also a post about all (technical) events netiquette by @drjmetz and put a strike on Christopher's statement: "Don't be an idiot!"

Keep follow me on the blog for new posts about VMworld 2014 and if you're going to attend VMworld Barcelona 2014, remember that Early Birds discount are expiring in two days (Aug the 3rd 2014), well... 1 day and a half!!!


01 August, 2014

Thanks Vladan Seget for his blog post!

Hello all,
I've found a very useful post on Vladan Seget blog, pointing to a 2 hours long free course on VMware Mirage

Of course this is a VMWare Mirage Fundamentals (5.x) and do not cover all the technology (anyway... most of it).

It goes without saying that Mirage will be one of the most interesting subject of the upcoming VMWorld 2014:
looking at the sessions, there will be 8 sessions on Mirage in San Francisco and 4 in Barcelona.

If you want to improve your knowledge in this field, learning from "Use case", understand how to "modernize the desktop infrastructure" and capture the "Best Practices in deploying Mirage and what's new" great idea is to attend VMworld.

Have a look at the session you'll find in San Francisco and Barcelona connecting to General VMWorld site and creating your free account. Also visit the "convince you Boss" section after creating your fee account.

If you are already convinced, and you're going to VMware Barcelona 2014, hurry up! Early Birds discount will be available until August the 3rd!


#VMWorld #2014 approaching: are you going to #San #Francisco or #Barcelona?

Hello all,
VMWorld 2014 is approaching! Are you going to San Francisco or Barcelona.
Have a look at the site, create a free account and deep dive into the Agenda of the event. You will for sure find out a lot that interest you!
So why not partecipate registering for the best virtualisation conference on the year? Use this link for registration (Barcelona early bird discount finishes August the 3rd!)

As always there will be great time for:
  • learning a lot of all new things (do you like NSX? what about vCHS?)
  • networking with VMWare employees and SME
  • attend Hands On Lab (HOL)
  • have a lot of fun
follow me in the nest post for more information

26 April, 2014

Great Webminar series from #Nutanix: #Software #Defined #Storage

Hello all,
a great series of Webminars to attend on demand have been published on Nutanix website

With this three one hour video you can "learn how software-defined storage can enable new efficiencies for your datacenter"

enjoy the courses at this link



12 November, 2013

November is the month for Movember!

Hi this post is alittle bit Off Topic,

As you might have seen on social media, November is Movember. Movember is a month in which a man grows his moustache, to collect money for research on cancer. Besides that, it’s also awareness of the dangers of prostate- and testicular cancer. This year I’m also growing a moustache for this good cause.
I would like to ask you to support my moustache. The exact amount is irrelevant, all bits help to finance Movember in the ground-breaking research programs.

To give few numbers:
• This year 10.000 new men will here they have prostate- or testicular cancer
• In The Netherlands 2.500 man die of prostate cancer… every year
• The number of men diagnosed with testicular cancer has grown with more than 50% over the last 20 years.

If you want to change these numbers, support me and give money via

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Thanks in advance for your support in my effort to give men’s health a new face.

Kind regards,

24 October, 2013

#BCO4872 (Part 2) #Operating and #Architecting a #vSphere #Storage #Metro #Cluster Based Infrastrucrure

Hello all,
part 2 of "Operating and Architecting a vSphere Storage Metro Cluster Based Infrastrucrure"

HQ and headphones recommended


21 October, 2013

#BCO4872 (Part 1) #Operating and #Architecting a #vSphere #Storage #Metro #Cluster Based Infrastrucrure

Hello all,,
as always Lee Dilworth and Duncan Epping have enchanted the breakout session attendees, taking place at VMworld 2013 in Barcelona, with their explanations, best practices and deep knowledge of the VMware products architecture.

They give their approval to publish the videos and blogging about BCO4872, so I fully recorded the session and publish it on my blog in two posts: this is part 1.

My position in the room was not so good so the video showing the slides are quite diagonally placed: hope they are readable but descrition from Lee and Duncan help a lot (HQ and headphones recommended)


16 October, 2013

#VMWorld Wednesday #General #Session with Carl #Eschenbach

Hello all,
A lot of attendees as always :)

Mr. Carl Eschenbach, VMware's President and COO, along with VMware's engineering leaders will showcase state-of-the-art technology that is transforming IT by virtualizing and automating compute, storage, networking and security across private and hybrid clouds.

Mr. Carl Eschenbach starts with a recap of yesterday's GS subjects

Innovation is the key along with agility in order to go to market faster: hence ITaaS

So it comes the SDDC

Through VMware vCloud Automation Center Portal you can request/deploy application on demand and scale out automatically comparing the different prices and SLA for different providers

With the same portal you can check the healt of your applications, transparent pricing and much more

You can draw the steps of application deployment and streamline the application provisioning that could be provisioned in minutes

This agility is in contrast with conventional networking approach

So we need to use the same approach with networking using NSX

Let's take a three tiers application as an example

Moving NSX into hypervisor directly

What about security? NSX could works also as a firewall and a load balancer, too, not just a switch or router.

Recapping NSX in a slide

Storage innovations

VSAN deployed in two clicks

can be extended in seconds if needed adding another host in the cluster and it is highly resilient

End User Computing self service.

With VMware Horizon, VDI goes mainstream

Policies based management

Monitoring and alerting cannot be done in the "legacy" way in a SDDC.

So vCenter Operation manager gives you what you need with simple to read red/amber/green badges and dynamic thresholds thanks to th intelligent analytics

Recapping automated operations

Hybrid Cloud

From vCenter Web Interface you can click on Hybrid service icon and deploy the application along with its infrastructure service in the cloud using the catalog from your private cloud

Recap on Hybrid Cloud


15 October, 2013

#VMWorld Tuesday #General #Session with Pat #Gelsinger

Hello all,
I've just take my place in the blogger/press/analysts area in order to attend the Tuesday general session here at VMWorld.

Pat Gelsinger, VMware CEO, will discuss the next generation of IT and how the software-defined data center is extending the proven model of virtualization and automated management across storage, networking and security. VMware is helping businesses extend the software-defined data center to the hybrid cloud, and in this session we will hear from customers who have used virtualization to become champions of next-generation IT in their own organizations.

General session location is filled up!

First to speak is Mr. Maurizio Carli celebrating 15 years of VMWare and the continuous journey in transforming IT.

Then it's time on stage for Mr. Pat Gelsinger that describes the new streamline to have and use all of the data needed for work in mobility (Mobile-Cloud Era)

Sanjay Poonen comes on stage explaining all the VMWare EUC Portfolio with all new performance, management and the ability to bring reduced TCO and OPEX Predictability. A new partnership for DaaS has been announced: DeskStone

Another great subject of the general session is Software Defined Data Cente (SDDC): everything must be virtualized from servers to networks to storages and management must be automated.

So, Mr.Gelsinger tells us about what's new in vSphere 5.5

and what's the future of Software-Defined storage

Always taking care of the complexity of the applications involved.

Storage product announcement has been done today vSAN and vVOLs to be powered with the help of important technologic partners

Last announce, but not least, NSX, the Network Virtualization Platform.
Martin Casado comes on stage and explain how NSX works.

Basically you must think about NSX to networks as you thought, some time ago, about ESX to servers

Then is time to speak about hybrid cloud and cloud management


14 October, 2013

Attending #VMWorld #Partners Day #General #Session

Hello all,
General session room is filling quickly.
All we want to get the last information about VMWare!!

Come and take your seat!!!
The show will go live in 10 minutes!