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VMworld 2015 Banner

VMworld 2015 Banner
VMworld 2015 Barcelona

24 August, 2015

Have you reserved your seats for the #VMworld sessions in #Barcelona?

Hi all,
I've yust finished drafting my sessions agenda for VMworld in Barcelona.
Lot of interesting sessions are full yet, so I need to put myself in the waiting list.
Hurry up!

19 August, 2015

Survey about your expectations for #VMWorld 2015

Hi all,
Here's a link to a Surveymonkey survey
If you have three minutes I would like to know your expectations for VMworld 2015.
Thank you

Then here some useful links to help you in registering and having the big picture of what will be presented:

VMWorld 2015 Site
VMWorld 2015 Registration
VMWorld 2015 Agenda
VMWorld 2015 Content Catalog
VMWorld 2015 Sessions and Labs
VMWorld 2015 Pricing
VMWorld 2015 Networking opportunities


14 August, 2015

#DevOps at #VMWorld

Hello all,
This year at VMWorld will be feasible to attend a three days mini-course on DevOps,  and th access to DevOps @ VMworld activities are included in your conference pass.

From VMworld site:
 VMware views DevOps as a key influencer in today's IT organization, enabling development teams to deliver applications faster with agility. As part of VMworld, the DevOps Program will be offering a three-day event covering the latest industry DevOps technology, solutions, and leaders.
So, if you want to attend, register to VMworld 2015 and start building your schedule with the VMworld schedule builder


06 August, 2015

Great post on Installing #VMware #vROps

I got this post from eigenmagic.com blog.
It is very complete and analyze vROps in depth from the installation/configuration point of view.
This post is absolutely a must read for everyone.

Follow the link and learn how to install vROps the right way.

Thanks Justin Warren!



#VMWorld 2015: Advice and technical events netiquette

Hi all,
probably is unuseful to stress about the below but I would like to give again some advices about VMWorld technical event, asking you to re-read the advice part (second part of the article) of my article from last year.

Please read carefully!

Thank you

05 August, 2015

#VMWorld 2015: not going to San Francisco? Come to #Barcelona

Hi all,
this year I will be blogging at VMWorld 2015 in Barcelona.
As always the event will be the best event of the year about virtualisation.

Lets have a look at what happened last year with a some pictures in a nice slideshow:

Then here some useful links to help you in registering and having the big picture of what will be presented:

VMWorld 2015 Site
VMWorld 2015 Registration
VMWorld 2015 Agenda
VMWorld 2015 Content Catalog
VMWorld 2015 Sessions and Labs
VMWorld 2015 Pricing
VMWorld 2015 Networking opportunities

In the past months I've seen a great attention to EUC and VDI technologies: so, very likely the Virtual Desktop technologies and BYOD, after some years, has finally "convinced" in depth the customers, and I see everyday firms moving to this approach. Let's see if VMware will announce something new on this.

What I expect from this VMWorld is a lot of session on Hybrid cloud, DR in the cloud, Hyperconvergence, VVol, Openstack executed on VMware Infrastructure and I'm curious about containers tecnologies: hope there will be a lot of sessions on the matters an a lot of Hand on Labs.

A big thanks to Corey Romero and Selin Toprak for managing the communities of bloggers

and finally great appreciation for the sponsors that help this event happen !

Don't forget to be prepared to the usual nightly parties organized by VMware and vendors!!!

see you in Barcelona!

13 October, 2014

#VMworld Barcelona Day 2 (part 1): breakout session

Hi all,
This morning Carl Escenbach on stage, and about 9000 attendants at VMworld 2014.
He speaks, as done by Pat Gelsinger, about the "Liquid World".

The Brave new IT must be Fluid, Instant, Secure and have Choice (aka FISC, acronym invented by me on the fly) to move towards the Hybrid Cloud.

Integrated with vRealize Air and a bunch of partners working woth VMware

Texcnology enables change but People drive change

The customer invited on stage for their case study explanation is from SAP.

Then we have Vodafone that use SDDC for selfservice, flexibility, simplicity internally and that have deployed a private cloud for their enterprise customers.

As told yesterday by Pat Gelsinger, the future is Hybrid Cloud.

Raghu Raghuram, VMware, on stage speaking about SDDC
Images are better that thousands words

Ben Fathi on stage speaking about EVO:RAIL: SDDC deployed in 15 minutes (see yesterday post for more information on EVO:RAIL)

EVO:RACK is in tech preview

VMware is the best way to run OpenStack


Here the tradeoff is traditional applications vs Cloud Based Applications


The entire ecosystem of developers are working together to automate the development of the code with vRealize Code Stream.

vRealize Suite

Policy-based cloud management

Microsegmentation with NSX

So, NSX deploying Networking and Security

Plus we can secure the internal perimeter of the datacenter using microsegmentation with NSX and third party AntiVirus appliances.

vRealize Command Center
With Command center you can go in depth to check for Healt, risk and efficiency of your SDDC.

... And in depth...

... And in depth (logical and physical)


#VMworld Barcelona Day 1 (part 2): #SDDC2095 introducing VMware EVO:RAIL

Hello all,
This session is about the new EVO:RAIL products.
Instructor is Bryan Evans.
He starts by speaking about the EVO product in general that have to come.

Some challenges in making SDDC happen

There are three approaces:

Hyper converged infrastructure is the "easy way".

Single SKU
Simple deploiment and LCM
Single vendor, hence single support call
Large ecosystem of partners

It is contained into a 2U/4N 
And contains
Preinstallled vSphere, vCenter, vSAN, Log Insight, EVO:RAIL engine

Automated scale up out up to 4 HCIAs
Time to value to first VM in minutes
Non disruptive patching and upgrade


#VMworld Barcelona Day 1 (part 1): #Breakout #session

Breakout session Starts with Mr. Carli speaking about
New strategies that are are all about innovations

Then he introduces on stage Pat Gelsinger , VMware CEO, who speaks about a transformation in the World we live in: it is a Liquid World in all its components education, works, retails, governments, transportation, economics, health.
 Examples are 
Cancer Research UK
Lufthansa systems
Ministry of Education in Malaysia

The braves will thrive, so be Brave (in the positive sense)


vSphere 6.0 beta with 4 vCPU FT feature 
VRealize Suite
vRealize Air 
vRealize operation 6.0
vRealize Code Stream that helps automating the LCM of software development
VMware EVO Is an hyperconverged solution and the first member of EVO is EVO:RAIL

Mr. Pat Gelsinger announces also Vmware integrated with OpenStack API (now in Beta): this allows great flexibility maintaining VMware features 

Then it's the time for NSX that is a Virtual Network in Software:
So we will have VMs (virtual machines) and VNs (virtual networks): these VNs can be routers, load balancers, firewalls, VPNs. The strongest user case of using NSX today is building an hard security perimeter expecially on the inside the datacenter with micro segmentation.

Then is time for EUC.

Horizon brings VMware to be leader in unified VDI and app publishing. Then we have DaaS and real time app delivery with rich user experience.

Horizon FLEX for enterprise mobility.

And Content Sharing: Air Watch


#VMworld Barcelona Day 0 (part 4): #HOL-SDC-1420 - #OpenStack with #VMware

Hi all,
my relationship with the HOLs continue.
I'm doing right now HOL-SDC-1420 - OpenStack with VMware, but the massive concurrency of Labs going in parallel give me the opportunity to write this post, in the meanwhile the two instances of VM launched with OpenStack are respawning.

OpenStack is an open source software that delivers a framework of services for API based infrastructure consumption. OpenStack framework requires hardware or software based infrastructure components and management tools to build a functional OpenStack cloud. The "plug-in" architecture of OpenStack services enables various vendors (such as VMware) to integrate their infrastructure solutions (such as vSphere and NSX) to deliver an OpenStack cloud.

The VMware NSX Appliance is an important networking feature to understand in this topology. The appliance is a separate installation and not visible in the vSphere Web Client.
The NSX appliance provides Networking Services such as L2 networks, L3 routing, Floating IPs, Security Groups and more. OpenStack delivers these services through the Neutron service and API’s.

VOVA is an OVF-based virtual appliance that provides "OpenStack in a box”. VOVA runs all OpenStack services such as Nova, Glance, Cinder, Neutron, Keystone and Horizon in an Ubuntu Linux appliance. VOVA is not a commercial product, it is a learning tool released by VMware engineers to allow VMware customers to try out OpenStack integration with vSphere

If you would like to download and run VOVA in your own environment, please copy down the following link: http://bit.ly/16Ue7qn

In a real deployment scenario, the Cloud Administrator would be responsible for installing and maintaining OpenStack. 

In OpenStack, users are grouped in containers called projects. These projects are effectively tenants in the OpenStack cloud environment. Each project has an assigned quota of compute, network and storage resources that are shared by all users in that project. Projects are isolated from each other, that is, users in one project can't see the users and resources of other projects.

This lab is quite long and impossible to complete in the given time, nevertheless, the co-operation between Openstack and VMware real good stated that things like DRS, HA, FT, etc. will continue to work, making this solution very attractive for enterprise administrators wanting to benefit from open orchestration (OpenStack) without sacrificing VMware's unmatched enterprise-level functions.